The JOISS jurisdiction marine information joint utilization system is a repository specializing in marine research data.
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Joint use of
marine science data

The JOISS jurisdiction marine information joint utilization system
was established in line with environmental changes in the sharing
of marine information at home and abroad.
It is a repository specializing in marine research data based on
"data-oriented science" and "open science."


Research Data



Model/re-analysis Data


국내외 공개자료

Satellite Data


  • data magagement plan(DMP)
    Data Management Plan
    DMP is a document that outlines the tasks to be performed with data during or after completing the study at the Plan stage during the Data Life Cycle Steps.
  • 튜토리얼
    Ocean Data Analysis Tutorial
    To help JOISS data users analyze and visualize marine science data, we provide data utilization guides and R tutorials using ODV
  • 가공산출물
    Processed output
    Among the data collected by JOISS, the horizontal distribution of water temperature and salt and vertical cross-sectional views are made and serviced using observation data and satellite data.
  • 해양교육자료집
    Marine education materials
    It develops and serves educational content using JOISS materials, and is published as a marine science material book and used as a marine education textbook.

Open Science


Establishment of a joint utilization system for marine information in jurisdiction is a research activity to
promote the joint utilization of marine R&D project data and domestic and foreign marine science data.

As a representative research activity, we continue to carry out data curation activities that can be defined as
data "collection-processing-storage-quality management" to expand the utilization of the JOISS portal system.
In order to provide integrated and standardized marine information, we are conducting standardized research for the distribution of
marine geographic information metadata by referring to international standards and domestic and foreign marine data centers.

It also provides information and guidelines necessary for marine education and research, and strives to strengthen data exchange between marine research data repositories.

  1. 지식기반 제공
    Providing the nation`s largest marine science knowledge base for integrated and standardized marine information.
  2. 데이터 제공
    Providing research data through metadata sharing by the Korea Maritime Science Promotion Agency linked to the joint utilization platform of national research data and marine fisheries information.
  3. 데이터 교환 강화 및 국제협력
    Strengthening data exchange and international cooperation between national and regional marine research data repositories.
  4. 데이터 분석과 마이닝 개발
    Provide information and guidelines necessary for marine education and research and develop data analysis and mining.
  5. 지속가능한 저장과 품질관리 및 품질평가 수행
    Sustainable storage, quality control, and quality evaluation.