The JOISS jurisdiction marine information joint utilization system is a repository specializing in marine research data.
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Data Policy

Vision and Goals

The 'Joint Ocean Information System of Jurisdiction (hereinafter referred to as JOISS)' is a digital repository (repository) of marine research data in Korea. . This policy stipulates the policy regarding access and use of data, information, and derived data products held by JOISS, and maintains a balance between the rights of data depositors and free open access to JOISS data (including metadata and data products). aim to do

Term Definition

  • Research data: Data generated in the form of facts, observations, images, computer program results, records, measurements or experiences (based on arguments, theories, tests or hypotheses, or other research work).
  • Metadata: Descriptive data about the dataset, information about observation, model, and image dataset, and related attribute data (eg, data type, location, date and time, measurement unit, accuracy, precision, measurement method, data structure, data ownership
  • Data products: Combination of observation data, model data, images, or metadata (including web services)
  • Quality flag: Alphanumeric indicator added to each numerical data at the last stage of the quality inspection procedure
  • Data Depositor: Individuals or organizations that have deposited data to JOISS
  • Data producer: The individual or institution that produced (or wrote) the data deposited with JOISS
  • Data manager: An individual or institution that manages JOISS data

Data Deposit

  • JOISS provides storage, management, and distribution services for research data deposited in consideration of the agreement with the Korea Institute of Oceans and Fisheries Science and Technology Promotion Agency or the provision conditions of individuals (or institutions).


  • The ownership of the data provided by JOISS rests with the data depositor, and JOISS provides a platform for users to discover and access data.
    Therefore, an open access license is recommended when data depositors provide data.


  • Under the Creative Common License where materials can be shared but under different conditions, the JOISS portal has datasets with some restrictions, and the material manager records them in metadata and manages them.


  • JOISS data users can use data according to the copyright granted for each dataset, and use it freely unless otherwise specified.


  • We assume no responsibility for the quality, use or misuse of JOISS data or deliverables.


  • JOISS data users must not provide data to third parties without the prior consent of the data depositor.


  • All materials in JOISS require documented metadata records and use them to create a metadata catalog. Metadata is a documented description of data, and it is recommended that the metadata standard follow ISO19115.

Review and Quotation

  • If you want to use the data published, it should be included judges phrase also studied phrases as:
    “This publication data used (or research) are 'competent waters of Maritime Information and Joint Application System (JOISS)' was provided by ” If a publication should include citations, please refer to the provided meta information for accurate citations related to the material used. Example: “Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Park Young-gyu, 2015-11-17, 2015 satellite-based ocean carbon estimation model development in the waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula, (Accessed on)2018/01/16, /”